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BC Step Code Compliance Reporting

The BC Energy Step Code is a provincial regulation that local governments may use, to incentivize or require a level of energy efficiency in new construction that goes above and beyond the requirements of the BC Building Code. It consists of a series of steps, representing increasing levels of energy-efficiency performance. By gradually adopting one or more steps of the standard, local governments can increase building performance requirements in their communities. The Province of British Columbia has set a goal that all new buildings must reach a net-zero energy-ready level of efficiency by 2032; the BC Energy Step Code serves as the policy pathway to achieve that goal.

Net-zero energy buildings produce as much clean energy as they consume. They are up to 80 percent more energy efficient than a typical new building and use on-site (or near-site) renewable energy systems to produce the remaining energy they need.

A net-zero energy-ready building is one that has been designed and built to a level of performance such that it could, with the addition of solar panels or other renewable energy technologies, achieve net-zero energy performance.

In most regions throughout BC, building permit applications for Part 9 residential buildings must include:

A completed Pre-Construction BC Energy Compliance Report; and an energy model provided by a licensed Energy Advisor or qualified energy modeller (for example, HOT2000 detailed report).

This typically includes,

  • A BC Energy Compliance Report: Pre-Construction Report, including Section F, completed by a Certified Energy Advisor
  • Energy Model Full House Reports, House with Standard Operating Conditions or the Proposed House, and EnerGuide Rating System Reference House or the Reference House
  • A copy of the BC Energy Step Code Compliance Calculator
  • Two (2) sets of plan drawings clearly showing all energy efficiency upgrades noted in Section B of the BC Energy Compliance Report: Pre-Construction Form. The first the page of Pre-Construction Form must be duplicated on the assemblies sheet of the drawings
  • If the EnerGuide Rating System is utilized, the EnerGuide Homeowner Information Sheet package
  • For each Energy Advisor, a copy of a valid certificate of insurance for no less than $2 million of general liability insurance and $1 million in errors and omissions insurance

Mid-Construction Blower Door Test

It’s recommended and often required, that builders have a mid-construction blower test completed by an Energy Advisor and submit a completed Mid-Construction BC Standard Verification Report to ensure that the build is on track to meet the requirements of the mandated step.

As-Built BC Energy Compliance Report

Before occupancy, a completed As-Built BC Energy Compliance Report demonstrating compliance with the mandated step of the BC Energy Step Code must be provided. This includes,

  • A BC Energy Compliance Report: As-Built Report, including Section F, completed by an Energy Advisor, indicating post-construction blower test results and verification of all building efficiency upgrades. NOTE: The post-construction blower test result must be used by the Energy Advisor in the HOT2000 model of the As-Built house
  • HOT2000 Full House Report for both the As-Built and Reference houses
  • A confirmation email from NRCan, accepting the HOT2000 “N-file” corresponding to the As-Built HOT2000 Full House Report

Energy-Efficient Building Incentives

CleanBC Better Homes New Construction program provides rebates of up to $15,000 for the construction of new, high-performance, electric homes. Please see the useful links below for ways to apply. Rebates are also offered for retrofitting and installation of heat pumps into existing homes.


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